Patina F.

When my son, Dakota, was born, he sustained an abrasion that bled for more than 30 hours. Dakota was taken to the NICU for tests, but there were complications every time the staff drew blood.

Amy R

I was the first person in our family to be diagnosed with VWD; at the time, my sons were 1 and 3 years old. I immediately scheduled an appointment with their pediatrician.

Von Willebrand disease Testimonials — Amy S

Our son Justin (now 19 years old) was diagnosed with VWD type 1 at the age of 6 after losing his first tooth.

Treatment of von Willebrand disease

The treatment of VWD varies according to its type and severity. Most people have mild VWD and may need treatment only at the time of injury, surgery, or dental procedure.

Diagnosis of von Willebrand disease

VWD can be difficult to diagnose and frequently goes undetected until a person has an episode of heavy bleeding.


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